Monday, July 6, 2015

July Currently

Hey There!
I figured I should dust off this old blog before I head out to Vegas tomorrow! If you glance at my blog it would appear as if I have fallen off the planet- but I promise I've been working on some fun things to share..pinky promise!

With the rough school year I had, I was reminded by how valuable TPT, teacher bloggers, and Pinterest have been to my classroom and I!! Seriously, there's no way I could have survived with out it!

Listening: Seriously, I'm not sure my heart can handle the stress of Shark Week right now. Eek!!! I'm glad this marathon did not exist when I was growing up. I was already terrified of swimming with blue gills up at our lake house and I can't even talk about the time my dad pulled out an Alligator Snapping Turtle from the water. NOPE. DONE. I was SO done! These days you can find me on the beach and a safe distance away from the water. 

Loving: Summer!!!! Do you need me to say more? I've been reading, organizing, planning, creating, chatting, shopping, visiting, attending weddings, traveling, sleeping, and just re-energizing!!! I need it! 

Thinking: I am so nervous for Vegas right now.  I know that I'll have a great time.  I know that I'll learn a lot. I hope that I make some new friends.  I'm just so gosh darn nervous right now! First Day Jitters...that's all.  

Wanting/Needing:  This is pretty much what happens every time I have to tackle what feels like a big project.  I'll shop, do laundry, iron...all of the prep work...but actually pack!? That usually waits until the last minute.  I still have friends who tease me about packing the hour before leaving for my semester in England.  I love to plan and organize...and apparently, wait for the last second! I think it has to do with how much I second guess myself.  I can 'hmm and haw' (Spelling!?!?) all day long, until it's decision making time.  

My flight leaves tomorrow in the you can bet that I'll most likely finish packing around 1 AM too. :) 

All Star: This was a hard one! I always think of myself as a kind person, but I saw SO many people listing that.  Well, then I started thinking about what words I usually hear people use to describe me.  I've heard from multiple people that I often bring up the other side of things.  Whether I agree with the opposing side or not, I guess I like to discuss different points of view.  This has come from friends, boyfriends, family, and my poor co-workers.
I'm not sure if that's always a compliment! Haha! 

Okay, I think I've postponed enough, I really do need to start prepping and packing!
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I hope to see you in Vegas!