Monday, September 2, 2013

Currently it's HOT...I Mean, September!

School is back in session folks and I'm eager to get the ball rolling! Sooooo....what better way to do that then by linking up with the beautiful Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade!

Although most of this is pretty self's typical to talk on this little bloggy thing, so here I go.
Listening: The new Civil, love, LOVE!
Loving: The ease back into school mode! The kids started with a 3 day week, next we'll have 4...and then...the dreaded 5 day week! Waaahhhh! (Just kidding!)
Thinking: This is pretty much the usual thoughts that are running through my mind and probably through most of yours!
Wanting: To visit some old friends from my days at Monmouth College! This weekend I was able to chat with my Cooperating Teacher/Friend from my student teaching days for a couple of hours.  It was SO nice to catch up and made me realized how desperately I miss her and so many others! A reunion needs to be in my future soon!
Needing: Mosquito spray and relief from the heat! I've been trying to soak up as much air conditioning I can this weekend to prep for the week! Phew! It's been hot and humid, which is always a recipe for some pretty awesome hair.  I've been getting eaten to death by mosquitos lately...but it's probably my own fault. I'm such a baby when it comes to putting on mosquito spray- really who can stand that smell!?  Although someone was telling me about 'girly smelling' mosquito spray?? This is news to me...
And finally...something that I'd love to do for myself: Drink more water and worry less.  So many of us just go, go, go and forget how important it is to take care of ourselves as well as others. This month I'm going to try and remember to take care of my breakfast, drink water and stay hydrated, sleep, and most importantly stop worrying about everything that has to get done!
Okay, now it's your turn! What are you CURRENTLY thinking? I'm headed to Farley's to check it out!


  1. I am with you about drinking more water and worrying less...I definitely get on-the-go and forget to do both!

    Tacky the Teacher

  2. Our mosquitoes are like Terminator Mosquitoes-they will still bite through the bug spray! :) Isn't it sad we already have so many things to do-I really thought I'd be able to stay ahead of it this year. But you're right-the day off already is pretty sweet! You have a really cute blog! :)


  3. Girl, I'm with you about drinking more water! My hubby kids and says that he doesn't know how I'm alive! I going to try to do better! Great post! Found you through Farley!

  4. OK thanks for introducing me to The Civil Wars I just bought their album on ITUNES....
    thanks so much for linking up :)

  5. Hi there! I found your blog through the linky! We have the same goal of drinking more water. Let's check on each other this month to see how it's going. :)
    The Teaching Twosome

  6. I need to drink more water, too! I have been AWFUL with eating healthy and drinking water. :/

  7. I hope you're talking about me for your "wanting" :) Have a stupendous week with your thirdsters!! Let's rejoice in the fact that it is not supposed to get hotter than 83 this week! HOORAY!!

  8. The mosquitos have been horrible hear too! Because I feel like every time I step outside I get attacked. I was thinking it must only be my house their visiting. Glad to know it is others as well! Thanks for sharing


  9. Can Fall come soon? The heat everywhere is a tad bit ridiculous! I keep going into Target and smelling the fall scent. Now I just need to be able to open my windows and doors to feel the nice weather! I hope your first few weeks have gone well!

    Lil Bit Country in the Classroom