Monday, July 6, 2015

July Currently

Hey There!
I figured I should dust off this old blog before I head out to Vegas tomorrow! If you glance at my blog it would appear as if I have fallen off the planet- but I promise I've been working on some fun things to share..pinky promise!

With the rough school year I had, I was reminded by how valuable TPT, teacher bloggers, and Pinterest have been to my classroom and I!! Seriously, there's no way I could have survived with out it!

Listening: Seriously, I'm not sure my heart can handle the stress of Shark Week right now. Eek!!! I'm glad this marathon did not exist when I was growing up. I was already terrified of swimming with blue gills up at our lake house and I can't even talk about the time my dad pulled out an Alligator Snapping Turtle from the water. NOPE. DONE. I was SO done! These days you can find me on the beach and a safe distance away from the water. 

Loving: Summer!!!! Do you need me to say more? I've been reading, organizing, planning, creating, chatting, shopping, visiting, attending weddings, traveling, sleeping, and just re-energizing!!! I need it! 

Thinking: I am so nervous for Vegas right now.  I know that I'll have a great time.  I know that I'll learn a lot. I hope that I make some new friends.  I'm just so gosh darn nervous right now! First Day Jitters...that's all.  

Wanting/Needing:  This is pretty much what happens every time I have to tackle what feels like a big project.  I'll shop, do laundry, iron...all of the prep work...but actually pack!? That usually waits until the last minute.  I still have friends who tease me about packing the hour before leaving for my semester in England.  I love to plan and organize...and apparently, wait for the last second! I think it has to do with how much I second guess myself.  I can 'hmm and haw' (Spelling!?!?) all day long, until it's decision making time.  

My flight leaves tomorrow in the you can bet that I'll most likely finish packing around 1 AM too. :) 

All Star: This was a hard one! I always think of myself as a kind person, but I saw SO many people listing that.  Well, then I started thinking about what words I usually hear people use to describe me.  I've heard from multiple people that I often bring up the other side of things.  Whether I agree with the opposing side or not, I guess I like to discuss different points of view.  This has come from friends, boyfriends, family, and my poor co-workers.
I'm not sure if that's always a compliment! Haha! 

Okay, I think I've postponed enough, I really do need to start prepping and packing!
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I hope to see you in Vegas! 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

It's February!?!?

It's February!? How did that happen???  I know I've been a bad, bad, bad blogger.  Truly horrible, but for whatever reason this year I've felt like I have NO TIME for anything!  It doesn't help that my class this year is seriously tapping me out.  I know most of you out there can relate.  So, in saying that...blogging has helped me keep my sanity in the past and I'll be adding it back into my regular routine. 

Now...Currently hosted by Queen of Positivity, Farley! I love this lady...really puffy heart love her.  The energy she brings into the world through her classroom, blog, and Instagram is amazing! She inspires me to be a better teacher each and every day.

Listening: I'm obsessed with this Ellie Goulding song! It's been on repeat for a week now and I'm still not tired of it.  I'm not sure if I'll make it to the theaters to see 50 Shades of Grey...that may be something to watch from the comfort of home.  

Also, Chicago had a large snowfall last night (surprise....not) and I'm hearing the buzz of all the blowers clearing sidewalks for the Superbowl parties today.

Loving: I have some amazing teamies that I just adore! I've been having the best time planning and decorating for parties and showers at school with a teacher bud.  She's amazing and it's fun to gab to someone about your excitement over paper straws and tissue paper poms.  She gets me folks!!!!

Thinking: The January calendar and decorations are around the room and I forgot to pull out the February stuff....whoops! 

Wanting: My friend gave birth to the sweetest little nugget three weeks ago and of course I became sick at the exact same time! UGH! I've been surviving on daily baby pictures, but I can't wait to get my hands on that little sweetie and snuggle him! 

Needing: Peace. I'm not sure if that needs any more of an explanation....

Pageant Title: Miss Interpret -  Or at least that's what my students keep doing to my directions! Apparently instructions from the teacher are mere suggestions or loose 'guide lines' according to my class. Grrrr.  See why I need some peace of mind?!? 

I'm off to check out lots of Currently posts to help get me back into a blogging mood! 
I almost forgot...have you heard there is a sale going on??? Tons of teachers, including myself, have put there stores on sale today for Superbowl Sunday! Make sure you check them out! 

My Literacy Center packs are on sale for the next two days, including this newbie! My kids love the space theme while we are learning about the solar system in Science.  

Go Seahawks!!!!