Thursday, October 31, 2013

All Hallows Read!

Hey there folks! Ghosts and goblins have been lurking about in our third grade hallway and here are some of the fun things we've done to celebrate! BEWARE...there are many pictures in this post...but I'm not the least bit sorry about it...they're all adorable.  That is with the exception of the last picture!!!

First up is All Hallows Read! 


On October 30th we showed up in our pjs and packed up our pillows and blankets!  In the afternoon we turned off the lights and read by flashlight! My students had sooooooo much fun! 

Here are some of my little monsters cozied up and reading together! I hung up some of my white Christmas lights to brighten up our space. 

These two friends were hiding under the blanket with a battery operated lantern! So fun!!!
Download your free All Hallows Read poster by clicking on the poster image above. :) 

Also this month we created Polygon Pumpkins with our pattern blocks! I'm loving the trapezoid turned mustache on this one!


A row of glam pumpkins! Check out those eyelashes! I am on Halloween dressed as Duck Dynasty!
 (Inspired by my amazing bloggy friend Lana)

Happy Halloween!!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Currently...It's Still October!

Currently...It's still October...right!? So technically...technically I can still participate in Farley's link party! Y'all I have been absent from this bloggy world for so long and I have MISSED it!  The school year has been a whirlwind thus far, combine that with weddings, bridal showers, family parties, mini-trips, baby showers, and well trying to have a life I haven't been able to keep up. 
This year we were forewarned that the perfect storm was coming with so many changes including administration, curriculum, CCSS, ELL, resource, grading...I've been doggy-paddling to keep my head above water.  So everytime I did have a chance to blog I wasn't feeling short and sassy...more like the short and exhausted teacher...or the short and stressed teacher...and sometimes the short and grouchy teacher.  Not to worry, I'm back into my groove and have my sassy pants on!
ANYWAYS...getting to the fun stuff:
Listening: Old episodes of The Big Bang it! (knock knock) Penny (knock knock) Penny (knock knock) Penny.

Loving: Anything and Everything pumpkin flavored! Yum! A friend and I have already made one trip to Plush Horse Ice Cream Parlor for their homemade pumpkin ice-cream...absolutely amazing!

Thinking: How I wish I had more time for that I'm into my groove at school, I'm hoping this will happen!

Wanting: During the school year I live in flats, I'm loving my new Tory Burch black leather flats...but really, really want the tan ones now too!

Needing: This three-day weekend! Gotta love when you can enjoy your entire Sunday and spend Monday in pjs!

Trick or Treat?  Treat! I love to treat myself with a new Essie nail polish once and a the fall I'm obsessed with Chinchilli and Ladylike. :)