Thursday, October 31, 2013

All Hallows Read!

Hey there folks! Ghosts and goblins have been lurking about in our third grade hallway and here are some of the fun things we've done to celebrate! BEWARE...there are many pictures in this post...but I'm not the least bit sorry about it...they're all adorable.  That is with the exception of the last picture!!!

First up is All Hallows Read! 


On October 30th we showed up in our pjs and packed up our pillows and blankets!  In the afternoon we turned off the lights and read by flashlight! My students had sooooooo much fun! 

Here are some of my little monsters cozied up and reading together! I hung up some of my white Christmas lights to brighten up our space. 

These two friends were hiding under the blanket with a battery operated lantern! So fun!!!
Download your free All Hallows Read poster by clicking on the poster image above. :) 

Also this month we created Polygon Pumpkins with our pattern blocks! I'm loving the trapezoid turned mustache on this one!


A row of glam pumpkins! Check out those eyelashes! I am on Halloween dressed as Duck Dynasty!
 (Inspired by my amazing bloggy friend Lana)

Happy Halloween!!!


  1. I love the ducky dynasty beard!!!


  2. Haha..thanks for the shout out!! :) LOVE it!! I am sure it was a big hit! I love the cozy reading y'all neat! We can't have pillows, blankets, or basically anything fabric because of lice...eeekkk! Apparently this time of year is lice season so we are really monitoring hair not touching (hugging), jackets not being laid on top of each other, etc.

  3. Whoa...what a hairy beard you have there! Lol!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'