Sunday, November 10, 2013

Monday Made It: Understanding Types of Sentences

I made it for Monday!!! Woo-hoo! (enter image of me doing a touchdown dance) It's been forever since I've attempted to make a new product (or anything for that matter) for my classroom.  It's been an overwhelming start to a new year. However, I've finally gotten my footing in time to prep for the holidays and parent/teacher conferences! 

Last Friday, I gave you a little sneak peek at an activity my kiddies and I did to practice identifying the four different types of sentences.  First, I read aloud Frog. Frog? Frog! which came in a Language on the Loose pack from Scholastic Books.  

The story is cute, simple, entertaining, and gets the message across of what each sentence type sounds like.  Winning!

Afterwards, my students were divided into partners and given four different color sticky-notes.  They were instructed to find an example of each type of sentence in the novel we've been reading as a class.  Just look at these two cuties working so diligently!

Then, students put their sticky-notes onto our class chart.  My class loves collaborating together to create and some even asked for extra sticky-notes!  Why certainly children, of course you can continue to identify types of sentences in your free time. :) 

I suppose I should apologize for the horrendous looking anchor chart...I have no idea how all of you get yours so cute and perfect looking.  I guess I have more of a 'git-r-done' attitude when it comes to that!

SO, you might be wondering what it is that I made (aside from the embarrassing chart)...I've created two sets of posters featuring the four types of sentences with examples. There are two sets, polka-dot or my current favorite, chevron.  

Just click on the images below to find my TPT store!

Thanks for reading! I'm excited to check out all of the other amazing Monday Made-its! 


  1. Your anchor chart is super cute! Mine look horrible - I do them during class/during the lesson so I never hate time to make mine near as pretty as the ones I see online! Love the colors you used!

  2. I want to see a picture of the touchdown I think you should be wearin' a "Git-r-done" trucker hat for the full effect. LOL! Your anchor chart is always...I'm jeally.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'