Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Currently It's October

Okay, I've been really out of the loop with being on-line...but I've been doing important stuff. I promise.  Not to worry, I decided to come out of the wood-work along with a ton of other bloggers for Farley's Currently party.  

That lady makes me laugh I tell ya.  She just cracks me up! 

Okay, without further ado....

Listening: Modern Family- I can never decide who is my favorite character.  I love them all SO much!

Loving: I've been taking advantage of having a Keurig machine in our lounge these past few mornings.  It's been a fantastic convenience (not to mention it makes standing outside on a chilly morning for bus duty much more tolerable)

Thinking:  I can't be the ONLY one.  This week has been one of those, really? REALLY? REALLY!? kind of weeks.

Wanting: The other week I headed out to the apple orchard and loaded up on some delicious Honey Crisp and Gala apples.  I may or may not have overdone it on my purchasing...but I couldn't help it! They're delicious, I just hope I eat them all before they go bad!

Needing: I really need to replenish my supply of tanks, tees, sweatshirts, and yoga pants.... does anyone have any favorite brands are stores?

Trick or Treat: TREAT! I've just uploaded my new Halloween Literacy Centers and have them on sale for 20% off the $4.00 until October 4th. The file includes four different center activities...that's less than a dollar for a center people!

Have a spooktacular month!!!


  1. Hey sweet Erin! Keurigs sound heavenly at school. I need to bring mine back. I used it a couple of years back and it was so nice to have coffee during the day. I just get my workout stuff at Target and Nike. Old Navy has cute tops and workout gear. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. It's almost there.

  2. Lounge wear...I love my "Boyfriend" sweatpants from Pink (Victoria Secret). They are awesome and comfortable and I LIVE in them during the fall and winter!!! In fact, I have 3 pairs and feel like I deserve a 4th!!! Hope you like them!!!

  3. mmmm you are making me crave a good honey crisp apple! My FAVE!
    and I know the struggle of picking a favorite Modern Family character! One of my favorite shows to put on in the background while I am working on grading papers, IEPs, etc! I can start tuning in and laugh my butt off at any moment!

    And I am needing some fall clothing/basics as well. Can't go wrong with a trip to Old Navy, I have been finding some great basics and fun pieces there lately! and their pixie pants! OMG yes! I want every color/design. I highly recommend it :)

  4. Keurigs in the teachers lounge are such a nice treat! We got one last year. And your talk of apples reminds me to add them to my grocery list. Sure hope Friday gets here soon.

  5. We were also a bit overzealous on our honeycrisp apple picking! As for the yoga pants and lounge wear, I still like American Eagle's Aerie brand. They have some really cute and comfy clothes! Have a wonderful October!

  6. So funny you mention Yoga pants! I was just thinking, I deserve another pair! Maybe a shopping trip today? Hmm??? Not a Keurig fan..I know....OLD SCHOOL ...whole pot of freshly ground French Roast Coffee...Hubby & I can drink 1 pot a day! Gotta LOVE caffeine! Wendy 1stgradefireworks 1stgradefireworks

  7. Erin, where ya been??? I was wondering when you were going to pop up again! So I have to say that Marshall's and TJMaxx are the ONLY places I go to get lounge wear. I ain't payin full price!