Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mother's Day Project...Better Late Then Never!

I know I'm completely late with sharing the Mother's Day gifts my third graders made this year, but I figure it's better late than never! My team has made these gifts for two years now and have received a lot of compliments from grateful mammas! 

The idea came from Pinterest of course! One of my talented teammates cut out a letter 'm' and an 'o' from foam poster board.  I grabbed the letters and my kids to take some pictures outside. 

After getting all of the pictures printed we were able to assemble our gifts! All I needed to purchase was some ribbon and card-stock. 

We mounted our photos on the the card-stock and attached the ribbon with Tacky Glue.  This was a bit stronger than our regular Elmer's glue. 

We made a loop out of ribbon and attached that to the top of our photos, so our mom's could hang up our beautiful masterpieces. 

I recommend having your students glue their ribbon pieces on first, then add the photos.  This prevents the extra gloopy-gloppy glue from getting onto our gorgeous photos (try saying that three times fast)!!! 

Another tip I've found is to just give my students a small piece of ribbon to connect each photo to one another.  This cut down the amount of ribbon I needed down immensely and made the gift that much more affordable for my class of 26! 

I printed my photos at Wal-Greens with a coupon, I also noticed that a lot of printers have deals on pictures around Mother's Day. Score! The project cost me less than a dollar for each kid...a dollar makes me holler Honey Boo-Boo child! 

Of course you need to have some cute wrappings for gifts for mom! I loved the ease of using the brown paper bags and tissue paper flowers.  Aren't they darling?? The gift tag was made with leftover paper sitting in the bottom of my drawer and my gift tag puncher.  :) You can learn how to make these flowers HERE.  

This gift is really easy to modify, some teachers on my team have created a letter 'd' and 'a' for DAD, as well as a Grandma sign, for some individual students.  We even has some sets of twins that took their pictures together, how precious!!! 

I simply adore creating this project with my students, the kids love to give it to their mom's, and I think mom's enjoy receiving it!  

What sort of gifts are a big hit with your families? 

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  1. cute! I tried to say gloopy-gloppy glue, but yeah....that didn't work out so well for me. Now my tongue is tied. Thanks a lot! Lol!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Erin - Send me your information. I'm sending you a present because your so stankin' sweet!

  3. What mom wouldn't love to get this, anytime!! We do a cute book of poetry, always a hit! One year I took pictures of my kids against a blue paper background. Each student posed like he/she was holding a kite string and it was pulling them away or like they were holding a balloon and were lifting off the ground. (saw it on Pinterest.) Those turned out really cute when I cut the kids out of the background and attached them (like they were holding onto) a string and paper balloon. Moms loved it!