Sunday, May 18, 2014

What Does the Shape Say!?!?

I don't know about you, but once I saw Linda Kamp's What Does the Shape Say product featured on TPT and Pinterest, I knew I HAD to own it!   

I always love to incorporate crafts and activities into my math lessons and this one was a big hit! You can purchase yours HERE.  In this post I'm including a few other activities we've done while exploring plane shapes in third grade. 

First up was Polygon vs. Not a Polygon.  I gave each student one pipe cleaner and would shout out, "polygon" or, "not a polygon." My students had to then create a shape that matched appropriately.  We then turn and talked to our math buddies and explained to them why our shape was or was not a polygon.   This was a fun and simple assessment at the end of the lesson! Score! 

The following day as a review we pulled out our iPads and opened ShowMe, you can read more about my love for this app HERE.  There is seriously a million and ten ways to use this app in your classroom, I LOVE it.  

I allowed my students time to go around the room snapping some pictures of polygons and items that were not polygons.  Gotta love an opportunity for some real world math!  They then sorted the photos in a ShowMe document, took a screenshot, and printed them.  Of course we could have shared them digitally, but I really wanted them to take these home as a guide for their homework. 

Linda Kamp's product also comes with pieces to create an anchor chart.  Don't mind that poor fox's funky eyes...they're trying to cover a whoopsie-daisy mistake.  #ThankGoodnessIdon'tTeachArt

I decided to create my anchor chart into a more interactive peek-a-boo poster.  

My kiddies couldn't wait to get their hands going to make their own foxy shapes! 

They had to choose their shape..we only used the quadrilaterals, then write out the attributes of the shape in the word bubble.  Once that was completed it was cut and paste time! 

This little love bug just loves to create projects! 

Here they are, hanging proudly and brightening up our classroom space!!!

Now,  I'm off to celebrate my Hawks' win agains LA Kings! Yea, Buddy!!!
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  1. Um hello............CA-UTE! You always are doing the most fun and creative activities with your kiddos! Now I have that fox song stuck in my head though! :(
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Oh my gosh, your shape foxes turned out beyond adorable! I'm so tickled to have found your post on Pinterest! Thanks so much for sharing this and I hope your kiddos had fun!

    Around the Kampfire