Thursday, July 18, 2013

Classy Classroom Websites

I'm excited to link up with Aylin, Amanda and Kristin from Learning to the Core and iTeach 1:1 for another week of Tune into Technology.  I look forward to reading these posts allllll week, and have not been disappointed so far! My pin boards are filling up and those rusty wheels in my brain have been turning thinking about how to incorporate all of these fabulous ideas in my room this year!

This week's theme is classroom websites, which I can admit....mine needs help! My district supplies every teacher with their own website, which we can customize to fit our individual classroom needs.  Last year my website was mainly used as a communication tool with my classroom parents.  However, nearing the end of the year I began to implement more links & tools for my students. I'm hoping to continue this process and incorporate my website into our learning environment.
Here is what my sidebar looks like.  

On the welcome page I have important things going on for the week listed (assemblies, permission slip forms, tests & quizzes) as well as this little guy.....
I got this button from Scholastic, it takes parents right to our page for ordering new books! :)

Things to Know About Third Grade: Some important things to know about third grade are listed, my policy on water bottles, and our district's snack policy.  

Weekly Homework: My third graders and their parents are busy people! I like to give parents and students to opportunity to plan ahead (and use time management skills) by listing all of the homework for the week.  My students have a weekly reading log, which requires them to read 5 out of 7 days.  Knowing that they have math & science homework on Wednesday hopefully prevents some  "I Can't Finish My Homework" melt-downs.  

Third Grade Websites  and Hot Reads have website recommendations as well as book recommendations for my third graders.  I've read about Draggo on Learning to the Core and am VERY interested in using that to help organize my websites for students. 

Monthly Projects: Last year, a fabulous teammate and I came up with optional family fun projects each month.  Our idea was to promote talking about literature, creating something fun, and writing about the experience as a family.  The prize for completing these projects was to present it to the class AND have your picture with your project on the class website.  It was a BIG deal.  

iPad Goodies: Here is where I attempted to organize and show off my students' iPad creations near the end of the year.  We uploaded Keynote presentations, Google Drive documents, Fotobabbles, and iMovies.  Students loved being able to view these assignments again on their iPads and parents appreciated being able to view their child's work.  :)

Homework Helper: This is my biggest goal for my classroom website.  A few weeks ago I wrote about how I use Show Me during math.  After creating a short instructional video for my students, I then posted it under the Homework Helper.  Students & parents could view the video and help when the homework had them stumped.  I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that I can keep up with the video tutorials!

I'm looking forward to learning about more ideas on how I can spruce up my classroom webpage.  Leave me a comment if you've got a great idea for me! 
(Comments are like virtual hugs & I love them!) 


  1. I love the idea of having your scholastic button right on your page. I am going to have to add a link to scholastic to mine! Thanks for the suggestion!

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  2. I like the idea of posting the homework for the week so students and parents can plan ahead. I am also in LOVE with your monthly projects idea. I would love to hear more about what kinds of activities you have them do. I'd like to steal, I mean borrow, this idea for my own classroom.;)

    iTeach 1:1

  3. My teachers can't put button's on their teacher pages, but I'm definitely adding one to the school's webpage. Thanks, we love Scholastic. Sara B

  4. So many great ideas here! I definitely want to try to add that Scholastic button-I often don't do well with the paper Scholastic things...if it can simply be online it will make my life so much easier! I also love your idea of the monthly projects. We did a couple for holidays and we were always impressed with how they came back (better then we expected.) Your idea of tying them into literacy is even better!! Thanks for the shout out with Draggo! I am hoping it is going to make a difference with the ease of finding websites for my first graders next year!! :)

    Learning to the Core

  5. Great ideas! Love adding the Scholastic book order widget. Good luck with the video tutorials. Those should be awesome and parents should be very appreciative.

    Shepherd's Shining Stars

  6. I like the section of iPad goodies. Can you tell how often parents are using the website? That's one of the things I'm always interested in, because then you can tweak what works and what doesn't based on particular pageviews.

    The homework section is wonderful. Just curious, but how long does it normally take for you to get everything loaded up each each?

    Digital: Divide & Conquer
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    1. I know that my previous site did have that information but I'm not sure about my new one.

      room 4 imagination

  7. VIDEO TUTORIALS MADE BY YOU?! I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!! Erin, how am I supposed to do all these fun, cute things and we aren't in the same building! I need you near me!!!

  8. I need to add the Scholastic widget! Thanks for the tip! What type of site does your county provide? It is user friendly? I love that you are adding videos!!!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  9. I would do the same, post homework for the week. Our students are very busy with extracurricular activities, especially around baseball/softball time.
    Love, love, love the homework helper videos! What a great resource for parents to be able to help their child.

    Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun

  10. WOW! Such wonderful ideas. I have got to add a button for Scholastic Book Orders to my page. Love that!
    Lessons Learned Lessons Loved

  11. I don't think my classroom website ever gets looked at... :(

    1. Mine showed page views so I could see what they where looking at and when. Most if he static pages only we looked at in the beginning but spelling lists and study guides brought them back more frequently.

      room 4 imagination