Thursday, June 5, 2014

Five for Friday 5/6/14

It's been an exhausting week and I still have a few more days until summer.  This is truly beginning to feel like the never ending school year! We've been keeping busy and having lots of fun activities to keep us learning and to stay motivated.  

Have you ever heard of Boosterthon? A few weeks ago our PTA brought them out to our school for a huge fundraiser.  Boosterthon really does an excellent job pumping the kids up to raise money for your school.  With a focus on leadership, good character, and fitness the final event of the Boosterthon Fundraiser was the Fun Run.  The kids asked family and friends to pledge $1 for every lap they ran at the Fun Run, the culminating event.  The kids were SO excited and most did over 35 laps!

This girls was ready to RUN at the Fun Run!  

We've been studying energy in my third grade class...we certainly are full of energy, but sometimes have difficulty understanding our science textbook.  During this lesson, students used wind-up cars to demonstrate potential and kinetic energy.  I have to laugh because I can't see any cars in this photo, they were zooming so fast around my room! 

We were able to squeeze in another science experiment.  Since we've been learning about energy, we tried making circuits of energy with Energy Balls.  One of my fantastic teammates loaned these to me...they were awesome! If students made a successful circuit the ball would flash red and make a sound.  These boys are having a blast making a human circuit of energy! 

This week my grade level has planned fun themed days to help countdown to summer.  Look out for a post on this soon. :) However, on Tuesday of this week we had some special literacy activities.  I got to read aloud Mustache Baby, a very sweet and silly story, to a small group of kids. 

Afterwards my mustache babies made our own mustache, hello cheap and easy last minute project! 

We also played Pin the Mustache on the Baby, which was a hit! 

I couldn't wait to create Hope King's Dive into Summer writing pieces with my kiddies! Once they saw what it was going to look like they were chomping at the bit for extra writing time- SCORE! Here's my horrific sample...yes, that is my drawing of a car....and yes, I have a boring white straw for my snorkel. I bought fun packs of neon straws, but decided to save those for my students.  *Sigh* the sacrifices I make for these kids. ;) 

We've got only a few days left, I can't wait!


  1. Just heard Mustache Baby--it was wonderful! I love the idea of pin the mustache on the baby! Good luck finishing up the week!

  2. Never heard of that picture book but I want it now! and...I love your Dive into Summer example! Hope you're going to be ending soon! and thanks again for inviting me to the fb group for Chicagoland bloggers! :-)

  3. Lake house? Wisconsin? Sounds nice and I'm jealous! I LOVE the Dive Into Summer Project. Too cute!

  4. Ummmm using wind up cars for potential and kinetic energy is genius! I love teaching that concept and will need to remember that! Thanks for sharing! :) ~
    Loose Shoelaces

  5. I LOVE your dive into summer project! That is so stinkin' adorable! Basically anything that involves pictures of kiddos posing is my favorite! I'm trying to spread the word - sorry for the shameless plug - I'm starting a new linky party for the summer called Sell It Saturday. I have a smaller blog, but if you're ever interested in joining in, that'd be great!

    Teaching In A Nutshell

  6. I seriously was hoping to read about the most awesome Paper Bag Princess that ever lived! LoL! Love the Dive into Summer idea! Super cutie!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'