Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Made It 6/16/14

I was so excited to see the return of Tara's weekly Monday Made It! I mean I FINALLY finished the school year on Wednesday and just couldn't wait to start working on projects for next year...did you believe me? Well, it's only half true. I AM always excited to plan and start new projects...but I also enjoy naps and nap I did. So, technically my Monday Made It is that I made it to summer! Yay!!!

However, I couldn't just NOT try to make anything. I mean my girl Ali Rose made food for goodness sake!!!

I've got so many projects and products in my head that I need to get them all out onto paper the old fashioned way.  So, I've made a cute little To Do List that you can download for FREE in my TPT store :) 

Hopefully next week I'll have something a tad more exciting to promises though. 
It's summer y'all!!!


  1. Cute and functional! I am a huge list person!

  2. I'm going to shock you when I tell you that I made MORE FOOD tonight...for serious!!! I am on a roll. I have been stalking Pinterest like WHOA! I'm heading over to your TpT RIGHT NOW so I can print this and keep planning out my To Do List. I'm determined to get back on the Monday Made It train!!!! XOOXOXOXXOXOOX
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. AAAAAdorable. I'm printing this off for my first team meeting for all my teammates! Thank you!!