Sunday, June 23, 2013

Terrific Target Finds!!!

 I love a a REAL lot.  Target is my equivalent of what Chuck-E-Cheese is to a five year old; it makes me deliriously happy, I run up and down the aisles playing with everything and when it's time to go home  I'm usually sick to my stomach by how much I've spent.  Please tell me I'm not alone in this!!!

So this Friday I visited my local Target and found some good finds for my classroom that I'm thrilled about!
First, I found this great canvas tote in the clearance section!!! I loved the teal & white tie-dye! I'm thinking of using it to help store my "Sitting Spots" which my students use during Read-to-Self Time. 
Next, I found these coupon holders in the dollar section.  I've seen these here numerous times before, but after reading A Cupcake for the Teacher's post on her new behavior management plan I was eager to pick these up!  I plan on using these accordion folders to hold my students "Smart Cookies" and Reward Coupons, which are part of my classroom behavior management plan.  Since the folders had so many pocket, I cut some of them out and then labeled each with a student number (gotta love a numbering system)!!! I'm brainstorming on where to store these, since space in my students' desks is very limited and I'd like to prevent these from being ruined.  Fingers crossed that these will last the year!!!
Lastly, I found a little somethin' somethin'  for the teacher! :) I picked up my new monthly calendar for next year from Blue Sky.  I LOVED mine from last year and was so excited to see the updated gray and white chevron pattern cover! AND my most exciting purchase....Essie's Tart Deco polish, a bright coral color that makes my fair skin almost look tan! Yahoo!!!
What are some of your favorite Target finds that you can't live without???


  1. I love that planner! I cannot get chevron out of my immune system! It is a sickness! Haha. But-- me and planners... This is what happens... I buy a planner then three days later I find one I like better. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?
    Off to drink some orange juice for some vitamin c to get it out of my system. (Doubtful it will work)

    P.S. following you on blog lovin' !

  2. Can you tell me what "Sitting Spots" are? I'd love to hear more about them! Thanks!

    1. Hey Abbey! I'll try to get some more class pictures up here once I get back to school...BUT, my sitting spots are just small circular chair cushions my students use to sit on while reading to themselves. I am able to have a collection of 6 which takes up MUCH less room than 6 pillows. :)