Friday, January 31, 2014

Currently...I'm Feeling the Love!

Wow! January has flown by! With all of the crazy shortened weeks we've had due to the weather, I can't believe the first month of the year is already over! I'm so excited (as always) to link up with Farley for her Currently party.  I look forward to this each month, checking out new blogs, and catching up with some of my faves.  I adore Farley, I view her as a big sister/teaching mentor that I've never even met.  Is it creepy or cool when you feel like you know so much about someone you've encountered through blogging??? I'm going to hope (fingers crossed) it's not terribly creepy...please, pretty, please!

Listening: I've got the hum of my space heater and the torso of my black lab to keep me warm on these chilly winter nights here in Chicago!  Funny how you don't seem to mind all of the snow when you're cooped up inside with your  jammies on! 

Loving: Maybe I should be ashamed to admit this...but I'm loving all of the shortened weeks we had in January! Folks, I had not ONE full 5 day week! Crazy! Between MLK Day, a teacher half-day inservice, and FOUR snow days January just seemed to fly by! 

Thinking: I really need to purge some items I've been hanging that's never worn, odd bits and bots that I swore I would find a reason to use and still haven't, I just need it all to go and function in a cleaner space.  Maybe my spring cleaning will bring on some spring never know!

Wanting: A new hairstyle.  4 years ago I sported a super adorable angled bob hairdo, which I LOVED.  However, as time went on my hairdresser and I got a little over zealous with the angle, it had become extreme.  I'm talking like...hey Kate, where's Jon and the 8 extreme.  Since then I've been growing it out and keeping it around shoulder length....but I'm starting to get the haircut itch again. The one that won't be satisfied until I see a lot of dead ends cut loose on the floor.

Needing: I really, really need to change my bulletin board.  It's old.  I haven't updated it since sometime in November.  Shhh! The kids still haven't asked why I've been slacking on that detail!  Let me just tell you about the bulletin board outside my room. It's HORRIBLE! Horrible I tell you.   The 'board', if you can even call it that, is above my third grader's hooks and stretches all the way up to the ceiling in the hallway. Ick.  Plus, it's not even a regular board, there are two strips that you can kinda sorta put staples into and the rest is dry wall..or something..I have no idea.  So, in order for me to hang things up, it requires me to get a ladder from the custodial closet, by trusty one-touch stapler from Staples, clothes appropriate for ladder climbing, Hulk-like strength, and the grace of God.

2 Truths and a Fib: 
1. I've worked with kids from grades Pre-K-5th. TRUE. Since graduating in 09 I've had experience teaching/assisting students at each of those grade levels.  My favorites are always the little ones!

2. I'm obsessed with ketchup and fries. FALSE. Ketchup=gross! I can't stomach the smell, I really do get sick to my stomach when I sit next to someone who slathers ketchup on everything. I prefer to dip my fries into pure honey, I like a little sweet & a little salty.

3. I'm related to a professional opera performer.  TRUE. My younger sister ( I can't call her little, because she's about 7 inches taller than me) is graduating this year with her degree in opera performance and has already performed professionally! I'm so excited for her and can't wait to see where her voice will take her next! I'm hoping her voice will take her (and me) to Italy perhaps. 

Thank you for reading and for the love-filled comments! I'm off to check out some other Currently posts!


  1. Ha we haven't even had a full week on Jan. It has been crazy. We went to school a total of 12 days. It's been awful getting into any sort of routine.

  2. not creepy... i can be your big sister.... that way I can go to Italy too when our little sister... you know the one that sings opera... that one takes us with her over there!!!
    thanks for linking up... and really yuck to ketchup... but I must admit when I was little I did the honey thing too

  3. How neat is that to have an opera singer in your family and with a possible trip to Italy in the future - you can't beat that!!!!


  4. I hate ketchup too! I refuse to eat anything it touches. Like two-year-old temper tantrum over it. It's sooooo gross! I don't understand people's obsession with it! I eat my fries plain TYVM!

  5. LOVED reading your currently post!! :) Um I'm wanting to chop off my hair too!! I used to sport the a-line bob and had to start growing it out for our wedding 2 years ago...still kept it long but I sooooo want to cut it again! And how cool about your sis! Def tell her to aim for Italy! One of my favorite places in the world! We got married in Tuscany!

    Sailing into Second

  6. I'm trying to grow out an overzealous stylist's cut right now!! I have vowed to not cut it for a year, but I never make it that long.

  7. Yum! Fries and honey sounds wonderful! I've been eating less and less ketchup lately, so I'll have to try the honey next time!

    Beyond The Gradebook

  8. Haha! Your comment about the angled bob and Kate and John cracked me up! I'm your newest follower. :)
    ~Heather @ Loose Shoelaces

  9. Girl, I hate changing bulletin boards. I love the bulletin boards that you leave up all year round, just changing the student work hanging on it. And oh....the Kate bob. I thought the Kate wigs at Halloween were hilarious!
    Gig ‘Em Teacher

  10. Oh I love ketchup! :) I'm getting my hair done next week and cannot wait!

  11. I hate ketchup too...I won't even eat on hamburgers or anything. Actually, I won't eat anything with tomatoes, include pizza sauce. At least I'm consistent, right? I don't think we've had a full week since winter break either, but it's starting to stress me out since we are so far behind. This week should be normal, fingers crossed!

    Literacy Spark

  12. I need a space heater, a new hair style and a lab. Maybe we should get together and share :) Good luck getting rid of stuff you do not need. It is a nice feeling afterwards.
    My Second Sense

  13. I had a parent who was a professional opera singer last year. He performs all over the's a very fancy life! Hate ketchup. Love your blog design!
    Funky First Grade Fun