Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Teacher Sanctuary

In the spirit of the new year and starting out fresh, I thought I'd share how I keep my teacher area organized.  Last Wednesday was our first day back from our extended winter break, we had two snow days that Monday and Tuesday.  So, being the worry-wart that I am, I was slightly panicked on Wednesday while getting to school.  My mind was racing as to all of the items I needed to update from Monday to Wednesday my schedule, calendar, etc. ....otherwise he world would end of course!

Much to my surprise, when I arrived at school my teacher area looked extra organized and ready to go! I had forgotten that I had moved somethings around for efficiency before I left for break.  Wasn't that so cute of cool, calm, collected me helped freaked stressed-out me!?

Here is my teacher area...before this week's craziness got to it!

This year I was able to remove the huge black metal desk out of the room and moved my small group table up front.  I LOVE the results!

Next to my small group table I have a trapezoid shaped table which gives me storage on top as well as underneath for some easy to reach supplies. 

I love my bright and happy teacher workspace!

Gotta love my teacher tool box that allows everything I need to be at my fingertips.

The bulletin board behind my workspace I use as a focus wall for our reading instruction for the week. It's an easy spot for students to reference during whole & small group instruction at my table.  I have posters I use to identify the literacy skill, genre, vocabulary, reading strategy, figurative language, or text feature we are focusing on for the week through our new reading series Wonders. 

Copy, Grade, File drawers help keep my area extra tidy and hide any loose papers.  The caddy on top stores some fun tools for guided reading.  Can you spot the quietest pencil sharpener in the world?? I'm in love with it! 

Here are my daily bins I stock for the week, these help me prep and work ahead of time.  I purchased my bins from Lakeshore and the adorable tags are made by Maria from KinderCraze!

Underneath my wall of windows I have some built in shelving.  It's soooo helpful...but they're soooo ugly.  Oh well!  Here you can see my adoration for three drawer systems that I use to store all sorts of things! 

The pink three tier system on top of the counter are used to stack the items for the day's lessons, while the pink basket is used for lunch count.

Last up are my colorful binders, which store my files of activities and lessons.

I love my area and keep adjusting to see what works best for me! 
What does your teacher area look like?


  1. I love how nice and organized you are. The OCD in me simply cannot focus if my workspace is a mess, so I appreciate that you have "a place for everything and everything in its place!"

  2. I like how everything has nice neat label on it!!! Way to go!


  3. I'm loving those rainbow supply containers!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  4. Your room is just stinkin' adorable!! I want to save all of the pictures to refer to when I decorate my next classroom! I love the bright binders! Did you buy them like that or add bright paper?