Wednesday, August 27, 2014

And We're Off!

 Well, the first day of school for 2014-2015 is in the books! We laughed, we cried a little, and most importantly we did not puke! Hooray! 

I'm absolutely exhausted and suffering from a major headache, but I wanted to stop and post some images from today's events. 

For the past few years my team has had a themed hallway to kick off the school year.  Each of our bulletin boards outside of our classroom coordinate along with our hallway sign.  This year it's SUPERHEROES! 

One of my teammates ordered these fabulous shirts for us all to wear on the first day of school! Talk about being comfy and cool on such a warm day! 

I made these signs to hang at the beginning of our hallway listing all of our third grade teachers. 

I adore Little Red's clip art!!!

Check out some of my silly superheroes! Learning is their superpower! We had fun making random grouping and doing a superhero photo shoot with our new friends! 

I loved using this canvas I made from last year again! I like to print these photos and give them to parents during conferences. :) So cute! 

Am I ready to do this all again tomorrow? Let's hope so! Two more days to go until the weekend! 


  1. I wanted to do those little chalkboard signs too! They're so cute! I just didn't have any time...Good luck with the new school year!

  2. Love those cute little superhero signs you made for your hallway! What a fun theme! I hope you have a wonderful school year!
    Missing Tooth Grins

  3. Love your superhero theme and the cute signs! Congrats on making through the first week. Hope you're staying cool. Hooray for a 3 day weekend!:)