Friday, August 2, 2013

Currently...It's My Birthday!

Okay, so it's not technically my birthday anymore...but close enough!  I love having a summer birthday as a teacher, I don't have to share it with work!  As a kid I didn't have to go to school on my birthday, which I thought was amazing! However, I was mortified once when a friend bought me school supplies for my seventh birthday...what the heck!? Funnily enough, this seems to be the common theme for my gifts now, which is okay by me!
Here are some of my birthday treats!
I'm loving these lollies that were found at Hobby Lobby! Can't wait to add that to my classroom décor! Choward's violet scented mints and chewing gum are such a treat! I adored my 5th grade teacher and she once shared these with me...I've been obsessed ever since. 
AND: Do you notice what is underneath? Can you recognize the cover? That's Erin Condren Planner. Love it!
Now...on to Currently!
Listening: New Girl Season 1...I'd be embarrassed to count out how many times I've watched the entire season...but I haven't gotten tired of it yet! Plus, how can you resist Nick's Turtle Face!?!
Loving: This amazing weather in Chicagoland! I seriously cannot believe how gorgeous it's been! I think our usual hot and humid August weather will come just in time for school. Wahh!  I'm loving the Back to School sales a little too piles of stuff keep growing...and growing...and growing! Eek!

Thinking: I need to pack for my St. Louis trip.  A few of my college besties and I decided to take an impromptu road trip down there together...and I can't wait! Watching Legally Blonde the Musical, frolicking in the grown-up size playground at the City Museum, and shopping and Women's Closet Exchange (Resale Royalty...anybody else love that show??) are on the list.  If you know of any other things I've ought to try out let me know!

Wanting: A shopping spree courtesy of Target.  I give those folks enough of my money...curse you Target for always having everything I never knew I needed and more!

Needing: Aside from needing to pack...gosh am I procrastinating...I NEED a haircut and color.  This accidental ombre look is just not doing it for me.

Back to School Must Haves:
1. Flair Pens are my absolute favorite writing utensil! I love all of the fun colors, but the black always seem to write the nicest. 
2. A fabulous teacher bag is a must, last year I invested in a Michael Kors tote as a back-to-school/birthday gift to myself.  Swoon.
3. pumped about my new pretty one!

Can I show off one more prezzy to you?? Sure I can! (It's my blog...right!?)
My creative sister made me this awesome piece of crayon art! Isn't it awesome? I love the cute little umbrella over the couple, so presh!
Thanks for reading and be sure to check out all of the other Currently post at Farley's, it's a great way to find new blogs!


  1. Happy belated Birthday!! I'm with you on wanting a Target shopping spree. Even though they have a dollar spot, I want to buy so much that my bill comes up WAY more than just a dollar!

    Sixth Grade Tales
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  2. I just found your blog through currently and wanted to say hi! You must be super excited about your planner! Happy Birthday too!
    I'm your newest follower!

  3. I'm a summer birthday girl too. I taught at a year-round school for awhile and once our first PD day was on my birthday (August 10)! Gross! I left that school after that year (not just for that reason though!).

    The Caffeinated Teacher

  4. I am so going to check out those Flair pens and I need a cut and color, too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Your sister is amazing-I'm so glad you shared that crayon art. I would buy it! Enjoy your day, Heather

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! I have a summer birthday too. Once our first day of school was on my birthday (August 15). That was horrid. I'm a pen junky too and Target=danger. Love the present your sister made!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  6. So excited to have found your blog as I too live in the Chicagoland....I am 5' flat (so def. short), and I like to think I'm pretty sassy! I think we would get along ;)! Happy birthday to you, and I looking forward to sharing ideas!

    The Second Grade Superkids

  7. Happy birthday!!! :) :) :)

    We have the same B2S must haves!! Great minds think alike!!

  8. Have you ever noticed how we teachers still get such joy from our birthdays? I think we are a lucky group. I love the celebrations before and after my birthday and even having a birthday during the school term is fun. The Little Learners join in the fun with you. I always have cakes to share and gifts galore.
    Keep celebrating...enjoy your trip.
    Julie :-)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  9. Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Sassy birthday to you! I have the New Girl in my Instant Queue. I need to watch it.

    Rockin' and Learnin' Lovin'

  10. Our Chicagoland weather has DEFINITELY been great! (except for on the days I go to spray paint...) Although apparently some people are not fond of the city right now! Let's just say I am glad I was not at the Backstreet Boys Concert at Northerly started late, then the city turned off the mics halfway through because it was "too late"....7,500 VERY upset women from my understanding! Got to love Chicago! ;-)

    The Very Busy Resource Teacher