Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Made-it 8-5-13

I'm back again for another Monday Made-It! I missed last week's and felt all out of sorts.  To be truthful, the things I've been 'making' haven't been super duper cute enough for me to share with all of you.  They've been more of those not so fun things on my to-do list.  BUT I do have a couple of cute bits and pieces to share. :) 

First up is a little back to school prezzy for my teammates. They're glass blob (?) magnets for our chalkboards.  The scrapbook paper came in a pack from Michaels, I adore the school bus one! I packaged these with a note saying, "If we 'stick' together, we'll have a great year!"

I finally got a teacher toolbox! I've been debating about it all summer and took the plunge this week.  I'd really, really love to get rid of the giant monstrosity that is my desk this year...but storage space is precious in my school. (Last year I was scolded for removing one teeny tiny table) SO my plan is to use my kidney-bean shaped table as my desk area and move the big desk to the back of the room and use it as a writing center.  Here's to hoping this will work!

The labels came from Ladybug's Teacher Files, I think she is simply amazing and shares the most wonderful things! Now comes the I put white paper in the front of the drawers to conceal what is inside...or do I leave it them open? 

I'm leaning towards concealing for privacy...and then I don't have to look at the hidden clutter :)

My last little share was also inspired by another blogger I idolize, Molly at Lessons with Laughter. She made an adorable chalkboard for her classroom, now mine doesn't look like much without any chalk writing on it, but I still love it! I picked up the frame on sale at Target and used this amazing chalkboard contact paper I ordered from Amazon.  This stuff was super
 cool and easy to work with! Confession: I'm an absolutely horrid spray painter and decided to stay away this year.:)

One last little image that just makes me smile. :) I can't believe summer is coming to a close and there is so much to be done!
Thank you for reading and be sure to check out all of the other adorable projects at Tara's linky party!


  1. I love using my table for guided reading and as my desk! I went desk-less last year and loved it! I can't believe you got scolded for removing a table...oh my, haha! Like, for real scolded from admin??

  2. I love your blog! That chalkboard frame is too cute! I also got rid of my teacher desk and I love having my desk as the kidney table! It works so much better! Check out my blog (I am new to blogging:))at


  3. I just nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check out my blog to see how to accept!

    Life With Middle Schoolers

  4. I think I told you before that I used to never have a teacher desk and always used my kidney table until they got us a teacher desk that is connected to all the technology in our class. We can't move it...ever. :( I was barely able to slide in an office chair to sit comfortably while I'm planning. Now it has a big gash in from scraping up against my whiteboard. I finally bought one of those teacher toolboxes, but still have it in my trunk. I got a killer deal on it at Joann's Fabric. 40% off AND it's black! YEAH! Love the glass blobs. I bought some too, but haven't worked on them yet.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  5. Hi Erin!
    I love the gift you made for your teammates! That is such a great idea, I'm sure they will love you for it! And I see you made your teacher toolbox too...I can't wait to use mine! Yours looks great, I love the font on your labels!