Sunday, July 6, 2014

Monday Made It 7/7/14

Are you still standing after the holiday weekend?? After a few BBQ's, birthday parties, parades, fireworks, and a wedding I'm barely making it.  Can I tell you that I'm proud of myself for finishing not one, not two, not three, but FOUR projects!!! I decided to give myself a personal challenge the past few weeks of just using supplies I already purchasing of crafing candy allowed. :(

I just might end that streak for next week, but who knows! I do like using some of the stuff that's been hanging out in my drawers!

Okay, first thing's first...will you forgive me for using my handwriting and not typing up a pretty label? Will you? Please? Pretty please??
I have a large collection of paper I should be ashamed by how many I have. Don't you know that if Michael's puts paper straws in their dollar section I HAVE to get them? Well, I do.
It's a fact.
I used my circle cutter from Fiskers, left over scrapbook paper, paper straws, and some ribbon scraps to create these little lollipop labels!
I like the idea of using these to label some of my student supply bins.  You can read more about my classroom supplies HERE on For The Love of Teaching's blog. :)
My second made-it was made with left over cardstock in my classroom colors (magenta, orange, lime, teal, and purple) as well as some leftover glitter paper, one spool of ribbon, and my Fisker's circle cutter!
I've been all about making buntings this past year. They're SUPER simple and SUPER affordable. I usally make mine with left over scraps of paper or fabric. Put on an episode of Real Housewives and I'm good to go!
Just punch two holes on either side of your piece of paper or fabric, string the ribbon through the back and wha-la!
This particular bunting was inspired by Eric Carle's dots on the inside covers of The Hungry Caterpillar...LOVE!

This next Made It I meant to make last year...and boy was I regretting it! I bought this glitter photo album from Michael's with the intent of filling it up with my students' usernames and passwords for the variety of sites and apps we use throughout the year.
Do you see some left over glitter paper that made it onto there??
Anyway, between school log-ins, Acellerated Reader, Show Me, Edmodo, our math on-line series, our reading on-line series, Google Drive, and who knows what else I cannot keep everything straight!
My tech director and I try to keep the same username for as many places as we can for the kids sanity (and mine) but inevitably something almost always has to change.
I printed off this simple little organizer and will be filling it in with pencil. I KNOW that at some point the log-ins will have to change. Ugh!
Hopefully this will help me stay organized...

My last made-it was something just for me.  I know what you're probably looks like your necklaces are all in a mess!
Well, folks I did that on purpose!
When I first spotted Amanda Seyfried in this Tom Binns Design necklace I thought it was to die for. I fell in love with the messy, unstyling look of the jumbled jewlery box necklace.  I immediately started collecting my own vintage and vintage inspired necklaces to combine together.
I know it's not for everyone, but I'm loving it!
I can't wait to see what everyone else has been busy making and to start getting inspired for next week!


  1. HA!!! You crack me up with those straws-- but seriously, who can resist? I think I might need to pick some of those up someday soon for my own classroom decor. Love the bunting too! :)
    Learning to the Core

  2. Suggestion for your photo album of login info: Write on the page protector with a wet-erase marker so you can change it if necessary!

  3. Am I seriously the only person that has never seen the paper straws at Michael's? I didn't even know they existed. I'm proud of you for using the supplies you already have. I swear we end up spending more money on stuff than we actually need because it's cute an then falls apart ten minutes later...right? I like your necklace idea. I'd rock it!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'