Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tips and Tricks: Bulletin Borders

Hey there!
So what teacher doesn't love a good trick?  A teammate of mine noticed what I did with my borders and I thought if SHE found it interesting...maybe, just maybe someone else will too.  
If this is not anything new to you, well I'm sorry, you can place your complaints with her ;) 

Here's a snapshot of one of my front bulletin boards.  I use fabric as my background.  I like how it holds up against the harsh florescent lighting in the classroom.  This particular piece has been up for two years and still looks great! 

So, first thing's first.  I loved Melanie's tip from Schoolgirl Style on layering borders.  It's one of those things when I read it and saw a visual of it...I thought, why didn't I ever think of that!? 
*Smack hand to forehead*
I also love the blend of textures and prints/solids when using the bordette and a patterned border.  Not to mention the fact that it's cost effective! 

Any who....although it's hard to see, the sprinkles border on the right has been laminated.  That's right.  Laminated. I learned this trick while completing my student teaching and it saves SO much $$ especially for those of you who swap out your borders throughout the year.  

BUT, it also saves me a lot of time.  Since the border is laminated I just gently lift the entire piece off and remove the staples later. 

My next tip is that I don't ever, ever, EVER cut my borders.  How many times are you searching for borders and find all sorts of little odds and end clippings that were used to patch up holes?   It drove me crazy!!!! 

I decided to stop cutting my borders.  Sure, it means I may need to have a few extra strips of border, but this way I have a pristine set awaiting me for next year. 

Here you can see instead of patching up this spot with half of a border, I laid an entire second piece of border matching up the scalloped edges.  

I hope you found this a tad helpful as you make your plans for your classrooms! 

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  1. Well aren't you a little smarty pants. I never thought to layer the borders. I have a bazillion borders and I haven't used them in forever. I need to change out the fabric on my super long board. Can you come hang it up for me....please? xo
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. I have never even thought about NOT cutting the border and layering it instead! Duh! I have TONS of small pieces.

  3. yeah the not cutting makes so much sense, never thought of that! Thanks for the tips and tricks (and the *smacks my head* part - funny writing!) :-)

  4. I'd love to go shopping with you for borders (again)! I'm thinking of layering a gray chevron with a teal polka-dot. Too much? It would be a plain background, but I'm not sure which color. Loving the tip about not cutting your borders! I always try not to, but sometimes I cave. Next year I will channel my inner "short and sassy" and push the scissors away!

    1. Hi Casey! I've layered a polka-dot border and a sprinkle border with great success. I think the combo you're proposing sounds great! I loved going shopping with you and can't wait to see your new classroom!

  5. Thanks for all the tips, Erin!!!! :) Loving all these awesome ideas! Now for the community storage of supplies.....*insert ominous music here*...

  6. I am doing the fabric covering on my bulletin boards in my new room since I'm moving. I love the different patterns and borders you've got layered together! I'm in transition and looking for new colors and ideas. Thanks! Julie

  7. I've never considered not cutting the borders, but this makes SO much sense, especially for those of us who move classrooms all the time! Great tip!!!

  8. I recently learned about laminating borders! I don't change mine up very often, but next time I do I definitely plan to. I love the tip about never cutting!

    Teaching In A Nutshell